Delivering Maximum Top Tier Capital with Minimum Fund Manager Effort

Marketing a fund is time consuming, difficult, and distracting from the core activity of investing. This is especially true for funds trying to break into new channels or foreign markets.

Bridgewater James provides a fundraising service with an emphasis on minimizing the amount of time spent by the manager on raising capital. For the most part, Bridgewater James represents managers that have independent track records, over $200 million in assets, and are seeking assistance to raise at least an additional $200 million.

Bridgewater James provides the following services, as appropriate:

  • Introducing investors capable of making substantial capital commitments to the fund
  • Scheduling, attending, participating in, and following up on potential investor meetings
  • Reviewing and commenting on the offering materials and pitch book
  • Preparing the fund manager and his team for face-to-face meetings
  • Acting as a conduit between the fund manager and potential investor on any negotiation (but not handling subscription agreements, other subscription-related forms, or money)
  • Working with the fund manager to close potential investors



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